Assembly facilities

(Rotary indexing machines, Longitudinal transfer systems)

Axmann Technology AG develops turnkey assembly machines including all the necessary work and test stations and peripheral facilities.

We manufacture fully or semi-automatic assembly systems in accordance with your particular needs.

assembly divides


Rotary indexing machines

We apply rotary indexing systems for particularly high clock rates and for assembly processes that involve a multitude of operations performed simultaneously. These allow for a very compact and space-saving design in automation.

Here, we are able to integrate the most important fundamental processes in an economical and efficient way: feeding, loading, screwing, welding, riveting, testing, measuring, unloading and palletizing. Complex parts of the most different type can thus be assembled.

Customers from the fields of automotive, electronics, electrical and medical engineering as well as from other fields benefit from Axmann Technology’s expertise in order to produce in a safer and economically more successful way.


Longitudinal transfer systems

For complex assembly tasks, we use longitudinal transfer systems with component carriers to transport the parts from workstation to workstation. Longitudinal transfer systems allow for a high flexibility in assembly, they are easily convertible and can, if required, also be upgraded without problem. Whether automated, semi-automated or manually, Axmann Technology’s longitudinal transfer systems provide the best connections between workstations.

The combination of operations at automated and manual workstations allows for a flexible and ideal facility design according to your needs. Of course, we never lose sight of your economy – because that is what we are here for.

Applied solutions in the range of assembly:

  • Rotary indexing machines for assembly and processing of mass production components
  • Assembly facilities for complex pressing processes with force-displacement monitoring, proportional valve control, partly with automatic component supply and function control
  • Screwing machines for precision screwing, partly with automatic screw supply
  • Fully automatic interlinked assembly machines
  • Function test and measuring machines for tasks such as movement tests, force, torque and displacement tests, leakproofness tests, axial run-out test machines, high voltage tests, type request and identification, pneumatic high-pressure testing systems
  • Component supply systems for machines (delivery as bulk material or sorted)