Our service portfolio – the technology center at a glance

Axmann technology centre
  • Newly built development center
  • Collaboration with a University of Applied Sciences professor
  • Evaluation of innovative ideas in the range of automation and conveyor technology
  • Project-related development

Development projects

Axmann Technology AG develops end-to-end solutions, entirely in-house, for assembly and testing facilities, for palletizing, conveying and feeding systems as well as for extensive peripheral lines. Axmann Technology’s automatic productions lines help to find solutions to diverse and demanding problems, above all in the series production of the automotive, supplying and electronics industry.

Today, a high level of automation in production is often the most important key for many companies to be able to compete on an international basis. With our many years of experience and our expertise in the range of mechatronics, robotics and image processing, we shall be glad to contribute to your competitive ability, too.

In doing so, we shall provide you with comprehensive advice on how you can achieve relevant cost cuttings and how to organize your production more and more effectively by the correct use of automation technologies.

During a joint analysis we shall evaluate which of, and to what extent, your production processes can be reasonably automated.
Thereupon, we shall determine the level of automation to be implemented and offer you forward-looking solutions for your business. We turn your technological ideas into automatic processes in the best possible way. At the same time, we optimally align costs, benefit and deadlines.

Our range of services goes from simple semi-automatic systems up to sophisticated fully automatic, flexibly convertible systems.

The one-stop shop for end-to-end solutions:

  • Axmann Technology AG’s expertise is accounted for by integrating your technology into automatic production systems.
  • With our experience in process automation, we offer you the individual solution to your specific procedural problem.
  • A one-stop shop that ranges from the idea and master plan to the construction design and production to the final assembly and electronic control commissioning.
  • We integrate the necessary external technical equipment, such as electrical and mechanical testing processes, laser or camera systems, labelling machines and dosing systems as well the most different marking and labelling techniques.
  • After production ramp-up, our service team will be available to support you promptly and flexibly via remote maintenance or directly on-site.
  • Your personal contact is entrusted with all subtasks of your production process and will be glad to support you in all questions during and after the entire project.

Variety of implemented automation processes:

  • Fully automated testing facilities
  • Assembly facilities of all types
  • Precision handling of small parts
  • Handling and palletizing systems
  • Image processing systems
  • Measuring techniques with repeat accuracies of ≤ 0.1 µm
  • Measurement software with the most different evaluation options
  • Electrical and mechanical testing processes
  • Pressure and/or vacuum test
  • Combined force-displacement measurement
  • Laser welding and marking
  • Printing and affixing of labels
  • Spot welding / Soldering
  • Screwing / Riveting / Embossing
  • Dispensing
  • Assembling / Press-in operations / Caulking
  • Other assembly processes