Testing, measuring and sorting facilities

All suppliers to the automotive industry are fundamentally required to perform a 100 per cent inspection of products. However, in times of certification and TQM, many other lines of business are taking this quality level more and more for granted, too.

Axmann Technology’s testing and sorting machines support you on the way to zero-defect products and thereby to having satisfied customers. In the competition for new market shares, it is often a vital advantage to establish proof of a 100 per cent quality control, thus being an important requirement for growth and success.

Axmann Technology AG provides testing and measuring machines as turnkey systems including automatic component supply (bulk material or palletized) at the respective test stations and the most different select and reject stations.


Testing and measuring systems for measuring series production parts

  • Measurement technology corresponding to the technological needs (tactile measuring probes, diatest plugs, fiberoptical sensors, image processing systems)
  • Measuring of distance dimensions, surface flatness and runout, drilling positions, diameter and complete penetration of drillings
  • Surface inspection system to detect defects in the µm range, particularly suitable for a 100 per cent inspection of high-gloss surfaces
  • Interferometers for contactless flatness measurements of finish-machined precision parts
  • Computerized measuring unit for recording and statistical evaluation of all measured data
  • Automatic gauge inspection
  • Low voltage test systems, high voltage test systems, function test systems
  • Design as semi-automatic or fully automatic system with component handling
  • Continuous output: up to 300 parts / min
  • Cyclic output: up to 60 parts / min